Short Courses (a few days)
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Subject Artist Activity Length Description Days
Water color Mary (Ruth) Sernoff &
Asher Frohlich
Res/Studio 04-9841068 ; Fax 03-6023058 Mobile 0523-262724 0544-323117 Web page
2 intensive days Watercolors

Not including lodging, food and materials
From Friday 9:00 to Saturday 18:00
Pottery Naomi & Zeev Verchovsky
Res/Studio 04-9841107
Web page
4 days Building pots (throwing) on potters wheel for all levels / glazing / firing
From age 13

Every day - by appointment
Blacksmith Nobuya Yamaguchi Sculpture and music instruments
Tel 04-9843048 Studio 04-9840248 Fax 04-9840625 Mobile 050-57548009
3 days
9:00- 16:00
Blacksmith techniques - sculpture and design with iron by forging
Minimum 3 people
 By appointment
 Pottery   Tal Shahar
Tel: 04-9840102 Fax 04-9843211 Cellular 052-2739798
Web page
Three hours for four days Introduction to clay - kneading and experiencing the wheel
Free hand building forms in several methods. Explanation of firing methods. Fee includes clay, does not include firing.
By appointment
Hand & Finger Precussion

Yonatan Bar Rashi
Cell: 050-7978169

60 minutes

Perfect for families and small groups, Yonatan Bar Rashi's introduction to hand drumming is a fun and informative musical workshop. Basic to advanced sounds, techniques and rhythms are taught on congas, bongos, darbuka, djembe and more. Beginner to master levels, group or individual. Drums are provided, no
need to bring one, but feel free to!

Any day, by appointment

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