Artist Activity Length Description Days
Mary (Ruth) Sernoff &
Asher Frohlich
Res/Studio 04-9841068 Fax 03-6023058 Mobile 0523-262724, 0544-323117 Web page
60 minutes 1. How to understand modern art
2. Art, creativity & search for happiness
3. Art today, where is it going?

Minimum 10, maximum 25 persons
Including refreshments, movie & slides
Fridays 8:00 to 16:00
By appointment
Silver Print Gallery Vivienne Silver-Brody, curator, photo-historian, writer
Tel 04-9541673 tel/fax 04-9841067
Web site
60 - 90 minutes Galley Talk. Photography in Eretz Israel from the beginning - 1839 - looking at examples of early books and photographs - introduction to aspects of collecting
Wine and savouries served. Maximum of 12
By appointment
Silver Print Gallery Vivienne Silver-Brody, curator, photo-historian, writer
Tel 04-9541673 tel/fax 04-9841067
Web site
60 - 90 minutes Lecture Introduction to Israeli photo history - Selection of different time periods
English tea - scones baked to order - 50 NIS per person
Maximum of 12
By appointment
Roy Brody Photographer and Licensed Tour Guide
Tel 0505-638786 tel/fax 04-9841067
60 - 90 minutes Looking and Seeing - "I looked at something but my camera saw something else" If this has happened to you, take a walk with your camera and Roy Brody. Walk, talk, see and photograph. Introduction to the function of the camera By appointment
Nobuya Yamaguchi Sculpture and music instruments
Tel 04-9843048 Studio 04-9840248 Fax 04-9840625 Mobile 050-57548009
75 minutes When sculpture meets sound. The artworks and music of Nobuya Yamaguchi. The lecture will be in English and includes a short concert Minimum 10 - 20 persons Every day, by appointment
Studio Magal Ceramic, paintings
Tel 04-9842313 Fax 04-941860
Mobile 050-5730931 Web page
 15 minutes Every visitor can learn about the second generation Magal family in ceramic making, Ein Hod heritage and art  Every day, by appointment
AnaLia Magen , Sculptress
Tel: 04-9840071
Cellular 054-6232223
60 minutes Art Therapy Lecture:"Innner painting"
with AnaLia Magen, registered art therapist
*Art Therapy's short history and description
*Drowing and painting your inner self using different art therapy tools along with, guided imagery and background music
Available for groups from 6 to 20 participants
By appointment
Danny Schlyfestone
Tel: 04-9840071
Cellular 054-6232223
60 minutes Beer tasting Lectures
With Danny Schlyfestone ,owner of "Art-Bar" and beer brewer
Danny's very interesting explanation and slide show about his personal beer making experience, including beer's history and raw materials. The lecture is followed by Danny's beer tasting
Available for groups from 2 to 25 people.
By appointment
Yonatan Bar Rashi
Cell: 050-7978169

60 minutes Perfect for families and small groups, Yonatan Bar Rashi's introduction to hand drumming is a fun and informative musical workshop. Basic to advanced sounds, techniques and rhythms are taught on congas, bongos, darbuka, djembe and more. Beginner to master levels, group or individual. Drums are provided, no need to bring one, but feel free to! Any day, by appointment
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