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The Three Charities [Gracias]
Wood block print on American linen 100x35 cm.


The Three Charities [Gracias]

The Three Charities [Gracias] symbolized Joy, vitality and elegance. They inspired many artists till today and I am not an exemption. The greatest masterpieces titled Three Gracias were created by Titian and Raphael.
When I decided to create a Triptych of Woodcuts on canvas [an unusual technique] of three woman in different colors, I had in mind the tales of the Greek Mythology that are the source of inspiration for artists around the world, every artist and his personal interpretation.
As I am working on very small editions mostly 1 /10 by myself in my studio [ like in the ancient times ] every single woodcut is specially treated.
The black woman with the raised arms represents the Joy in her dynamic movements.
The red one is a symbol of vitality in her position and her dancing movements.
Gold always symbolized, among others the Elegance and so is the third of the women a good example of quite and simple Elegance.
It is not only a Homage to the ancient Lyrics and Poetry, but mainly a visual tribute to an eternal topic.

Ben Zvi Gedalia Ein Hod June 2004



Wood block print on Washi paper 90x60 cm. 1/12


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"Standing Woman"
Wood block print on washi paper
60x45 cm. 1/10

"Kneeling Woman"
Wood block print on washi paper
60x45 cm. 1/10

"Homage to Gauguin"
Wood block print on washi paper
60x45 cm. 1/20


Ben Zvi's Woodcuts.

One of the oldest techniques in prints in general and Art prints in particular, is the Woodcut or Woodblock print. Almost nothing have changed during thousands of years, even the traditional materials (except colors) are the same. Every Artist expresses his style and character in his own way, making a different use in the exclusion of the print. Ben Zvi's Woodcuts are unique in a few aspects: in small editions (30-50) in excellent materials and in professional execution of each print. The fact that he makes his prints himself in his own studio, his personal control, during and after completion of each print, enables him to add significant details by hand, which makes the prints unique. The special technique developed by Ben Zvi, requires the destruction of the "Plate" after the use of each color and makes a reprint impossible, after the completion of the edition. As a Japanese, who grew up with this ancient- new technique, I admire his unique and different approach in his Woodcuts and the universality of his topics. The Artist Ben Zvi, who is known by his monumental bronzes and large paintings, which my be found in many important Art collections throughout the world, applies the same earnestness, the striving for perfection and the same sincerity in his Woodcuts, which are an important and integral part of his works.

Mhsayuki Ohnishi, Jerusalem.

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