Living and working in Ein-Hod Artist’s Village, Israel. 

Dan Ben-Arye, exhibiting imaginary bull shaped as glass top tables. Soft designed tall figures, free-formed sculptures. These sculptures are smooth flowing, lyrical and sensual, demanding personal touch. The chairs and mannequins exhibited, are stern yet royal. Materials used are wood, iron, limited addition cast aluminum, brass and bronze. 
Part of his work is characterized as functional art. Another is conceptual art, based on a theme developed from a previous topic. The material and technique used will vary depending upon the subject or expression needed. 

1949-  Born in Johannesburg, S. Africa. 
1950-  Arrived in Israel. Studies and military service in Israel. 
1972- Lived, studied and worked in Venice, Cal., U.S.A. 
1979- Returned to Israel and established a studio in the Art Colony of the "Old City of Jaffa" working in painting, sculptures and stagecraft and stage design in motion pictures and national TV. 
1985 - to present. Established a studio in the Artist’s Village Ein-Hod for continual work in sculpture and painting. 
1985- to present. Exhibiting his works in "Ben-Arye Gallery"  Ein-Hod village center, Israel. 

Member of the Art Colony of the "Old City of Jaffa", since 1980. 
Member of the Painters and Sculptors Association of Israel since 1982. 
Member of the Artist colony "Ein-Hod", since 1992. 
Private collectors and public establishments in Israel and abroad own his sculptures and paintings. 

"Being an artist is a way of life; It is a need to record events, emotions, beliefs and passions, both metaphysical and mystical. Materials and forms play an important part for me, they are the means to create in the viewer an involvement that will last. It is a personal expression and style that gives a significant statement. I avoid repetition and seek the endless search for expressing my points of view, believing that new trends for my work will enhance my art." 
 Dan Ben-Arye. 

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