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Opening hours-(Some of the Galleries):Sunday through Thursday 10:00-14:00Friday  & holiday eve -10:00-14:00Saturday & holiday 11:00-14:00    Main gallery  - Tuesday Thursday Friday – 10:00-14:00 Saturday – 11:00 – 16:00 Dada museum - Monday through Saturday 11:00 – 14:00   Nisco Museum for musical music boxes – every day – round hours – 10:00- 15:00
Please  inquire opening hours and coordinate your visit
The village guided tour and art workshops to all ages
. Contact Lea at 054-4811968
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Visit Art & Wear Gallery at Ein-Hod Artists’ Village

 Lea Ben Arye Creations
 Lea Ben-Arye
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The Battle on Ein Hod
May 1948
Yanooki's Taverna Ein Hod
At Yanooki's Taverna
Ein Hod Village Center
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Art & Wear Gallery
Village Center
Jewelry, Fabrics, Prints, Judaic, Sculptures, Paintings

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סדנת הדפס משי
Video - printing Workshop 
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 Workshop Information
Iche one of Ein Hod founders passed away
26 May 2015. He will be always be with us
Photos of
Iche Mambush
Ask about our "Recreation
& Creation" program

Dina Merhav
Dina Merhav


Ein Hod on the NH Jewish Reporter Jewish Federation of New Hampshire

Pinching clay with Lea Ben-Arye
Pinching clay with Lea Ben-Arye

Seeking for a
perfect present

גרטרוד קראוס

עין הוד 
Gertrud Kraus
 Taglit visits
4 June 2010
28 December 2009
24 December 2009
15 December 2009
13 August 2009
23 July 2009

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שחיתות בשלטון
Ein Hod artists and friends Exhibition
Corruption in Government

Ein Hod on

דן בן אריה
Dan Ben-Arye
Sculptural Ceramics

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Ein Hod Gallery
Opening and celebration
Fall 2001

Ein Hod

Sukkoth 2012
Sukkoth Blues 2011

Photos by
Dean Ben-Arye
Daniela with

Tiny Fingers
"Art inside and out"
Jerusalem Post
Hebrew Newspaper clips on Ein Hod
1954 1955 1956 1957 
Video of the Avramov Family 1954
 Israel state Archive

בני עקיבה

Bnai Akiva Visit to

Ein Hod

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Ein Hod Artists' Gallery - Rock N' Roll Exhibition opening
לאה בן אריה
Lea Ben-Arye
Printing on Fabric

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We are requesting your financial assistance to produce a unique book on
Gertrude Kraus
The Berlin Wall in the World
The Berlin Wall in
Ein Hod


רוכבי גולדווינג

Gold Wing

Riders visit

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Dina Merhav
An essay at the second
international Sculpture conference, Changchun China.
September 2008
By Dina Merhav
דין בן אריה
Congratulations to Dean Ben-Arye
on his prize
Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music
Nisco Museum
Playing Mezuzah
Stone arrow heads
Ancient Works crafter's of Ein Hod and beyond.

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Janco Dada Museum Ein Hod
Marcel Janco
Dada Museum
Ein Hod

יהודה הצעיר
Young Judaea
Two days visit

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יודאיקה ואומנות
Art by Shraga Landesman

Photos of
Early Ein Hod

Young Judaea two days visit
Young Judaea
Two days Visit

18 January 2010
Ein Hod
31 March 2009
Placing Dina Merhav's Sculptures
דינה מרחב
*Journeyעין הוד
*Birds Journeyעין הוד
דינה מרחב
Dina Merhav
3rd China Experience
Ursula Malbin 95 Birthday

"Mambush Tapestry Maker ~ The Craftsman and the Artist".


Ein Hod

Riders from Canada & Australia Visit

Levendel Bloch Gallery
hosting artists from the Balkan 
אורה להב שאלתיאל
Paper making and printing by
Ora Lahav Shealtiel

עין הוד
Artists Video
Dina Merhav  1, 2
Tal Shahar 1
 Silver Print 1
Nofar Ben-Arye 1
The Damage from the Carmel forest fire disaster was magnified by the Pine trees. Inform the JNF& KKL - stop planting and remove Pine trees from our forests
Ein Hod
Very Close Fire

Levendel Bloch Gallery
Assi & Udi Dayan

יהודית חלפון
Yehudit Chalfon
Raku Firings

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Click for video British Channel 4 filming for the movie "Homeland" In & around Ein Hod 

Early Ein Hod Photos by Genia Berger

עגל זהב ירוק
Golden Calf Festival
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Nisan Cohen
TV interview
Nisco Museum
  Cameri Concert at Gertrud House
Photos by
Dean Ben-Arye

Historical Photos


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Ein Hod. Ein Hod

On the road to Haifa lies Ein Hod, an artists' village on a hill, at the foot of Mount Carmel overlooking the Mediterranean coast, the town of Atlit, and an ancient 12th century crusader fortress. After the War of Independence the area was abandoned and left in ruin. In the fifties, a group of artists led by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco decided that Ein Hod would be a place where they could work, build studios and workshops, and form a creative environment for art and art education. The founders' dream ran into the harsh reality of those days. By perseverance and vision gradually transformed Ein Hod into the only artists' village in Israel, one of the few in the world, where artists live and create in every artistic media from the visual arts, to theater, music and literature.
The attitude, structure and even the population of the village has changed with the passing of the years, but its basic principles have been guarded with admirable zeal. The diversity of its inhabitants and the clear difference between the original founders and the new generation create an unusual yet fascinating social fabric. Young and old try to follow the general principles of reciprocity and form a culture based on sharing.
Communal life is managed by a General Council - the ruling body - and by a biyearly elected administrative committee. The village has a wide range of cultural resources. The Ein Hod Art Gallery, the Janco-Dada Museum and the Artists' House, artists' studios and galleries are supplemented by a variety of exhibitions and artistic activity throughout the village. The Gertrude Krause House sponsors biweekly chamber music concerts and guest lectures. During the summer months performances of popular music and light entertainment take place in the Roman style outdoor amphitheater.
To complete the setting, restaurants and coffee houses in the center of the village serve as places for social gathering and merriment. The Ein Hod Art Gallery exhibits artwork of all the member artists living in the village who have been approved by the local jury.
Painting and sculpture, ranging from contemporary to early Israeli artists, share space with the various craft media. Works on paper, photography, ceramics, gold and silver jewelry, glass and metal design objects make the gallery one of the largest collections of Israeli art in the country. One can find works by the first generation (works of historical value) hanging alongside young contemporary artists, only recently accepted into the village. Ein Hod is characterized by the special setting of a village sitting on a hillside, surrounded by olive groves, with a view of the Mediterranean Sea, where baroque sunsets end each day. Despite lack of funds and development resources, the village has managed to preserve its original, historic nature and the romantic and simple charm of Israel in its first years of independence. Very few places in Israel have managed to retain the authentic quality of the Mediterranean. One can still discern in the old structures the many textures and architectural forms of earlier occupants -- from the Christian Crusades to the Turkish Empire. The roads and byways, a mixture of ancient and modern, all add to a very special atmosphere. Yet perhaps it is the landscape, the vegetation and the view that make this place so unique and exciting -- natural Mediterranean gardens of olive, pomegranate almond and carob trees, grape vines and figs. Ein Hod has remained a nature reserve, preserving the biblical flora of ancient Israel -- a perfect environment for the creative muse.

Amichai Shavit

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