Artistic Directors - ARMA Theatre
Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher
Alain Koginsky
Photos by Lea Ben-Arye
Ein Hod Events

The Golden Calf Festival 2007

"To one and all...."
A fantastic "Egal Ha'zahav Parade"...this year with the added touch of  honoring Ursula Malbin
on her 90th birthday right next to her house.
A great big thanks to all the love and energy that went into this production: to
the actors, Alain, Gili and Lisa (and various and sundry assistants); to the
incredible artists...Dror, Ursula, Annalya and Rafi who gave us a "real" Egal but
still very powerful; to the musicians who gave rhythm and a special magic to the the undisclosed organizers...
We enjoyed every minute of it.
Dani and Ayelet Shefer - Ein Hod






Sculpture by Dror Karta, Ursula Malbin, Analiya Magen and Rafael Bahalul
Burned on 2007



Sculpture by Dror Karta
Burned on 2006


Sculpture by Nubuya Yamaguchi
Burned on 2005


Sculpture by Dror Karta
Burned on 2004

Photos by Raanan Tal


Sculpture by Ursula Malbin
Burned on 2001