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The Sculpture Garden at Sheba Medical Center:

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About the healing power of beauty

Since the dawn of time, man has
acknowledged the special influence
artistic creations have on the observer.
Countless people have sought the
words to express the emotional impact
of such special artistic encounters, to
try and explain what it is that moves
us deeply in our hearts/The lines of the
sonnet quoted above were written by
Shakespeare while looking at a portrait
of his lover. It is said as well that "also
the eye can feel happiness" when it
looks upon beauty, because this
happiness is connected to the love
that opens your heart and soul.
Acknowledging the healing power of
art and its contribution to the
emotional well being of a person - and

its ensuing effect on a person's physical
well being - the Sheba Medical Center
has fostered many artistic projects on
its campus. "Sheba", is among the
leading medical centers in the world
which perceive art and medicine as
complementary factors that can co-
exist side by side.
The expansive scale of the "Topor
Sculpture Garden" integrates naturally
into the Rehabilitation Hospital
compound. It was erected over a
widespread area, creating a fascinating
dialogue with the surrounding buildings
and allowing both the patients - who
are on the long and demanding journey
of their rehabilitation - and their
visitors - to detach themselves from

their distress and relate to a completely
different emotional experience:A stroll
on green relaxing grounds becomes an
encounter with art and those works
that they can especially relate to.
A visit here is also very much
recommended at dusk thanks to the
special illumination that was installed
in the garden.
The Sculpture Garden was designed in
an eclectic style. Visitors are exposed
to tens of monumental sculptures,
representing contemporary Israeli art.
Mostly modern in style, there are a few
in more classic styles, all within a wide
range of materials and colors.

With the inauguration of the Topor
Sculpture Garden, the Sheba Medical
Center joins the unique trend in the
Western world to take responsibility
for environmental design. "Sheba"
believes it must play an active and
influential role in shaping its public
areas. By including artistic creations on
the grounds of the Sheba Medical
Center it is making a positive
contribution to the public's awareness
and involvement in the contemporary
cultural atmosphere, thus enriching
society in general.

Esti Drori, Doron Polok;
Curators, Producers

Ron Levady;
initiative and consultant