Ein Hod


Silver Print Silver Print Photographic Gallery, Ein Hod,
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Activities and Workshops for all ages

Suitable for families, children or adults looking for interesting entertainment

Printing Photograms with Vivienne

Creative Compositions without Cameras - plus the magic of the darkroom


·        Print on paper or fabric

·        Work in the darkroom - minimum of 10 people

·        Printing on fabric – minimum of 3 people (groups up to 20 anywhere in the country)


"How to See", with Roy Brody

Walk, Talk, Look and Photograph - Ideal for all ages.

·        Bring your own camera and walk around Ein Hod

·        One and a half hours of basic instruction – light, shade, limitations of the camera, sensitivity to the environment.  

  • Ideal for those who saw and photographed something but later said "That's not what I saw".

          Up to 20 persons

Silver Print

Encourages children to look at the world through their prism

Silver Print

Looking for a Different Cultural Experience?

One and half hours of exposure to treasures of Israeli Photography

For adults only


Join Vivienne Silver-Brody, Specialist in Collecting Israeli Photography in entering the world of
yesterday through photography.  How did early travelers take photographs or purchase them?

What did they see in the Holy Land?

Vivienne will show you treasures such as daguerreotypes, stereographs (the first coffee table books),
19th century books with original photographs in them, read extracts from pilgrims accounts of their
travel in this land

Silver Print

Stereo viewer and cards


Look at early snapshots, early Purim costumes, New Year Cards.

Meet in the Silver Print Gallery, Ein Hod for one and a half hours.

(Possible to add a glass of wine and savouries, or English tea and scones after the discussion)

Up to14 people.

Silver Print Vivienne Silver-Brody – Specialist for Collectors of Israeli Photography www.viviennesilver-brody.com; vivroy@netvision.net.il; Tel. 972-4-954-1673