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An Impressive New Book
about the sculptor


Ursula Malbin. Sculptor. By Francoise Buffat

This is an art book illustrated and written in a very unusual way,
where you see and feel art find its way like nature, without any explanation. It just needs to be before your eyes.
In these 176 pages, presenting beautiful photos of Ursula's art and history, we see the date and hour of her birth in Berlin, and one can compare prints of her hands from the ages of 20 and 87. Among other documents we find Ursula's handwriting, and some of her drawings and reflections.
In her writings one feels that her sharp humor is necessary in order to give the right proportion to life, and that becoming old can bring satisfactions unknown to the young and pretty.
On the DVD, inserted in the back cover of this very special book, you can see Ursula creating life and life creating Ursula.

Book size: Width 9.5" - Height 11" ( 24cm x 28 cm)

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View Ursula Malbin's "Vista of Peace" Sculpture Garden, Haifa,
with 29 life size bronze sculptures.