Ruth Arion
Painter, 1912-1998



"Painting in Ein Hod"
1987, oil on canvas, 115 x 100 cm.
Inspiration has no weight. The spirit, the eye and the hand float,
lightly touch, then recede, flowing to the music of being.



1992, oil on canvas 80 x 82 cm.
"Sometimes survival does not depend on reality criteria as
space and time but on will, intention and initiative."



"Fowl hanging in the market"
1989, oil and charcoal on canvas, 80 x 80 cm.
"the whites confront darkness. A metaphor of innocents who pay with their lives"



"Abstract Landscape"
1990, oil and charcoal on canvas, 120 x 120 cm.
"Perhaps it is the story of aloneness in the mountains, of the aspiration to reach height's and
forceful climb out of the green square. Escaping the belly of Earth towards the more purple zone."



"The Serpents Cooker"
The 60th. Oil on paper, 70 x 56 cm.
"The creative person can be compared to the magician
who sees, cooks and digests producing a unique synthesis ,
like the mysterious serpents cooker with singular menus."



"Flower - pots"
1945, oil on wood, 50 x 40 cm.
"The marvel could be ours every moment but we tend to look upwards
and ignore the most obvious. The marvel belongs to the child's eye
who discovers plants hiding the door of a house,
turning the small garden of pots into a
cool and refreshing piece of Paradise."


Curriculum Vitae

Born in Breslau 1912.
Was accepted to the Bauhaus, but her studies were interrupted because of political events. Student at the School of Art and Design in Breslau, studied Art History at the University of Breslau
1933 - Immigrated to Israel and settled in Kibbutz Gesher (Ashdot Yacob)
1935 - Haifa. Learned the arts of ceramics and sculpture with Hedwig Grossman and Rudi Lehman
1936 - Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek
1938-1948 - Completed her studies at Haifa and Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem with Ludwig Yona, Steihardt, Ardon
1948 - Tel Aviv. Continued to study drawing with Marcel Janco and was inspired by his conception, according to which art has to be intermingled with artistic craft. Began to study enamel and was the first artist to paint abstract enamels in Israel. Was introduced to Zen studies by the head monk of the Buddhist Monastery Rio Takuji.
1954 - Settled in the newly-founded artist village of Ein Hod. Married to Moshe Dagan - journalist, musician and a great supporter of the arts
1960 - Gustavsberg, Sweden. Learned the art of industrial enamel work with Via Vioti
1970 - Enabled by the Ministry of Education to stay in the Cite. Internationale des Arts, Paris. Learned calligraphy and Sumie ink drawing under the instruction of the Korean master Ung-No-Lee.

Ruth Arion was a multidisciplinary artist. She painted, sculpted, worked with mixed media, including Oriental Sumie painting, artistic enamel and jewelry, oils, charcoal, acrylics, synthetic materials. She was an artist who never stopped learning, studying new fields of theory and expressing them in her daily artistic practice. Ruth Arion was a member of the Israeli Artists Association, and of the Artists Village in Ein Hod, where she lived until her death in 1998.

1950 - Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1960 - Chemerinski Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1961 - Journalists House (Beit Sokolov), Tel Aviv - first enamels exhibition in Israel
1963 - Woodstock Gallery, London - oils and enamels
1964 - Rodin Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
1966 - Ein Hod Gallery
1969 - Saga Molin Gallery, Hallagarden, Sweden - watercolors
1970 - Nora Art Gallery, Jerusalem
1971 - Old Jaffa Gallery, Jaffa
1973 - Rotschild House, Haifa - enamels
1974 - Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
1981 - Municipal Museum of Ramat Gan - multi-media exhibition
1987 - Villa Clemetine, Wiesbaden, Germany - multi-media exhibition
1988 - Waldersdorf Gallery, Trier, Germany
1990 - Ein Hod Gallery
1991 - Artist House, Tel Aviv
1991 - Artist House, Tel Aviv
1999 - Commemorative retrospective, Ein Hod Gallery

1954 - Artist House, Jerusalem
1958 - Artist House, Haifa
1962 - Tel Aviv Museum of Arts
1975 - Israeli Artists in Frankfurt, Germany
1976 - International Exhibition, San Diego, California
1978 - Biennale enamel, Limoges, France
1978 - Triennale enamel, Tokyo, Japan
1975 - Israel Exhibition, Frankfurt

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