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Landscape 1. Oil on canvas.




Landscape 2. Oil on canvas.




Landscape 3. Oil on canvas.





Landscape 4. Oil on canvas.





Landscape 5. Oil on canvas.


Cel: 0545955338
Tel: 049841828

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Daniela Borchard Ratner
Took part in her first art show at the age of 13. Studied art at Haifa university later read women's history and finally studied gender studies at Lesley university Daniela where she her theses subject was "where have all the great mistresses gone" - paints large canvases of strong coloured landscapes, the paintings are achieved in multy layered affect created by layers of acrylic and oil the general effect is extremely calming the paintings radiate colour and peace in complete dichotomy to the given espect of the excepted present art form.
Danielas war has appeared in 3 shows in 1993 and most of her work may be seen in her studio which may be visited in Ein Hod - number 64 on the map

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