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"I was born in Czechoslovakia in the year 1925, of traditional parents. I spent my youth partly in a little town on the Moravian border, and to a greater part in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
Having been attracted by the arts from early childhood on, I studied functional art at a school in Bratislava, as long as this was still possible under the Nuremberg Laws which, at that time, were also in force in Slovakia.
In 1942 I was taken to a concentration camp in Poland and at the beginning of 1945 I succeeded in escaping together with a friend of mine. Until our liberation by the Russians we were hiding in the forests of Northern Poland. At the end of the War I found myself wandering about Europe, together with thousands of survivors from the Holocaust, until, in 1948 I came to Israel via the Camps of Cyprus.
From 1954 onwards I have been a permanent resident of the Artists Village at Ein-Hod, together with my family. In the course of that time I studied and worked in most of the creative techniques of the arts. During various periods of my life at Ein-Hod I taught painting and handicraft at different schools.
In 1965 I gave up teaching and have since devoted myself exclusively to pure art."
Gedalia Ben Zvi. 

Design Exhibition, Tel Aviv
Middle East Fair, Tel Aviv
Ceramic Mural for school in Kiryat Gat a the Housing Exhibition in Tel Aviv
Israel Fair and Exhibition, Paris
One man show, Ein Hod
International Symposium on “Ceramics in Architecture”
Tel Aviv Ceramic Museum
Museum or Modern Arts, Heavy
Museum of Acre
Painters Israeliens dand I’Art de Gobelins, Jerusalem
One man show, Museum Bat Yam, Tel Aviv
One man show, “Fairmont Galleries”, Dallas, Texas, USA
One man show, Den Haag, Holland
1974 Israeli Art in Chicago Collections
Spertus Museum, Chicago
1976 One man show, International Artists House, Vienna
One man show, “Galerie in der Blutgasse”, Vienna
“Ein Hod Tapestries”, Haifa University
Shagal house, Haifa
Israelische Kunstmesse Zuspa, Zurich, Switzerland
One man show, Wilfrid Museum, Hazorea
Petit Palais, Geneva
Museum of History and Art, Anchorage, Alaska
Alaska Fairbank Association
Wichita Art Museum, Kansas
Fine Arts Museum, Mobie, Alabama
Paine Art Center and Arboretum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
The Hyde Collection, Glen Falls, New York
Art Museum, Beaumont, Texas
Lakeview Museum of Art and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois
Fine Arts Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri
Sangre de ChristoArt Center, Pueblo, Colorado
One man show, Gallery Ein Hod
Gallery Ein Hod
Millennium Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic




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