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מה קשור? ג'וליאן שגרן, הצבע ללקט השבועי. הצצה לפרק של שבועות, מה קשור לומדים מג''וליאן שגרן איך להצחיק .. צפיות:, 4448. תאריך:, 22/05/2007. ציון:. דירגו:, 8 ...


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Julian Chagrin
I am a comedian, mime, writer and director. I studied Mime with Jacques Lecoq and was the first British mime. I played in the famous mime tennis scene in Antonioni’s seminal film of the 60’s “Blow Up” . During the 60’s, as a young comedian, I guested on countless TV Comedy and Satire Shows as well as performing my One Man Comedy Stage Show all over the UK and the world. In the mid 70’s two of my short film comedies were nominated for Oscars and also won first Prize at the Berlin and Cork International Film Festivals. In the mid 80’s I won First Prize at the Montreux TV Festival with my 10 part TV Comedy Series “The Orchestra” written, directed and starring myself I now live in Israel with my comedienne wife Rolanda where I make TV Comedies, Kids' Videos and Stage shows. I have also written a novel 'Hoots!" and I write screenplays and direct comedy shows for stage and TV

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