Magal Sculptural Ceramic

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The Seven Species
Ceramic relief
56x40cm (available in different sizes)


Batch One:

Birds relief,
Round Fruit relief,
Shalom relief.

Batch Two:

Sun Flower plate,
Fruit plate,
Small Flower oval plate.

Batch Three:

Sabbath candle holder on one leg.
Two Bird Sabbath candle holder.
Two fruit Sabbath candle holder.

Batch Four:

Yellow Flower Mezuzah .
Fruit Mezuzah .
Village Mezuzah .
Bird Mezuzah .
Small Flower Mezuzah .
Painters Mezuzah .

Batch Five:

Ten Commandants Mezuzah .
Fruit Mezuzah .
Bird Mezuzah .
Small Shapes Mezuzah .
Sailing Boat Mezuzah .

Batch Six:

Yellow Flowers Vase.
Small Flower Vase.
Fruit Vase.

Batch Seven:

Square relief Town.
Small Square relief Town.
Rectangle relief Town.
Round relief Town.

Batch Eight:

Two Bird Sabbath candle holder.
Bird Menorah.
Flowered Bowl.

Batch Nine:

Bird Sabbath candle holder on one leg.
Peacock Menorah.
Flowered Bowl with Birds.

Batch Ten:

Birds Menorah with Ten Commandants.
Birds Menorah with Menorah.

Batch Eleven:

Birds on Clock .
Rooster .
Small Flower Pin .

Batch Twelve:

Small Fish .
Large Fish .


The Twelve Tribes
Ceramic relief

39x33 cm. (each plaque)




Ceramic relief




Peacock 1
Ceramic relief
72x33 cm.



Peacock 2
Ceramic relief

72x33 cm.




Birds 1
Ceramic relief 50x20 cm.




Birds 2

Ceramic relief 34x53 cm.


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Chaya and Ben Zion Magal   (1908 – 1999)

Chaya   Magal , (nee Haiss) and her husband Ben Zion Magal,  (then Magalnik) were born in Kishinov – Russia in 1908.  Chaya developed an early interest in art and, later while attending the Art Academy; she met Ben Zion, a student of painting.  They married soon after graduation in 1932 and immigrated to Palestine a year later and settled in Haifa.
For many years Chaya taught arts and crafts within the Haifa educational system.  Ben Zion was among the first members of the association of painters and sculptors in Israel.

 In 1953 she, her husband and twin daughters were among the first settlers in the artists’ village Ein Hod, located on the slopes of the Mount Carmel. Here, she and her husband were able to devote themselves to art, she in ceramics and he to painting. 

Influenced by her background in Russia, as well as her new home in Israel, she developed the warm and lively colors and subjects, which adorn her original ceramics.

Ben Zion absorbed the warm charm of the “shtetl” and the rich heritage of Jewish traditional culture and life in Eastern Europe. His style is strongly impressionistic.  The composition of the beautiful Israeli landscape, the desert and the oriental aspects are strongly expressed in the sunlight of the Land of Israel.
In his Judicial paintings he emphasizes, in the simplest way, his deep roots in the “shtetl” culture, abiding warmth and pulsating Jewish life.

They both passed away in 1999.

Today, the two twin daughters, Tova and Henia, continue the work started by their parents and continue to create ceramics art in style of their Mother adding to it their own personal touch.

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