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Naomi and Zeev Verchovsky


Second hand books
At zeev Verchovsky
"Pottery Always Open"
#33 on the map

Pottery courses
For information call: Naomi Vrechovsky
Tel: 04-9841107 . Mobile: 050-7757142 . zeno@netvision.net.il

Height 17 cm.

We create hand made pottery: functional stoneware pots thrown on the potter's wheel, decorated with various glazes, fired in a gas kiln to a high temperature.
Our pottery studio has been open to the public since 1982. We welcome visitors seven days a week and sell a variety of pottery: bowls, plates, casseroles, mugs (all of which can be used for cooking and serving food and drink), boxes, vases, and ocarinas(clay whistles and flutes).
We teach weekly pottery classes all year and conduct short workshops for groups and individuals during the week and on Saturdays and holidays(all ages).
We have a book shop where we sell a large selection of used and rare books in all languages.
For more information about our studio and activities and/or help in arranging visits and workshops with other artists please contact us:
Naomi and Zeev 04-9841107.
Mobile 050-7757142. zeno@netvision.net.il

Second hand books
At zeev Verchovsky "Pottery Always Open" #33 on the map

Accommodation and cafes are also available in the village.

Tea Pot, height 21 cm.



Plate, size 28.5 cm. Diameter.


Ocarina, height 13.5 cm.