Painter, Printer
Painter, Glass-Art

"Youth" Hand made paper. 120X80 cm.


"Pray" Hand made paper 3 works 160X60 cm.

"Nude" Ink design A3

"Dancing" Wood cut 60X50 cm.

"Songs of Songs" Hand made paper from Kozo with lithograph print 30X25 cm.

"6 works" Acrylic on canvas 30X25 cm. each

"A Girl" Acrylic on canvas 30X25 cm

Ora Lahav-Chaaltiel

Tel: 04-9842018
Born in kibbutz Mizra, 1936. Acquired drawing proficiency with Marcel Yanco. Studied painting with the painter Zvi Meirovitoh. Studied Lithography with Moshe Cohen and Jacqueline Larieau in Rue de Beaux Arts 5, workshop in Paris. Acquired knowledge in paper generation in the Uncle Bob Lesley Paper Workshop in Beer-Sheva. Director of the Ein-Hod Lithography Workshop. Works in the Lithography workshop in the Cite in Paris. Member of the Israel Painters and Sculptures Association. Member of the IAPhfA Association, an International Association of Handmade Paper Artists. Member of “INSEA”, an International Association of Art Educators. Established the Art Faculty in the Art School “Yemin-Orde” and “Reuot”. Married to Josef Chaaltiel. 3 children – Eldad, Ohad, Ya’ara.

Selected Single Exhibition:

1960, 1974, 1994 Chagal Artists’ House, Haifa
1969 Eilat Museum, The Holocaust and Heroism Museum

1970 Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot

The Holocaust Museum in Besancon, France.
1975 Ancient Jaffa Gallery

1978 Tsavta, Tel Aviv

1981 Artists’ House, Jerusalem

1985 Center Rashi in Paris, Saphir Gallery, P Rf 1S

1986 The Modern Art Museum, Haifa, Eked Gallery, Tel Aviv

1988 Cite Gallery in Paris

1965-1991 Ein-Hod Artists’ House

1993 Yad Lebanim House, Haifa, an exhibition with Josef Chaaltiel
1994 In the Exhibition Pair in Porte de Versailles, Paris. A single
exhibition organized by Saphir Gallery in Paris. The Saga, the international Book Fair. In the Book fair in Saint Germain, Paris. In the city of Dinar in Bretagne, France,. in the Saphir Gallery branch.

1996 Carmel Gailery, Daliat El Carmel

1997 Artists House Tel Aviv. The Mail Art Exhibition – The
main Post Copenhagen Denmark. La Cite, Paris. The main Gallery Ein Hod

1998-99 2 exhibitions; “Cite des Arts”, Paris
Ora Lahav-Chaaltiel participated in many group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Following is a list of selected exhibitions:

1964,1968,1987 Artists exhibition from Ein-Hod in Beer Sheva, in the Negev Museum and the Visual Art Workshop.

1981 Biennale for drawings, Cleveland, England

1985 Reprint Triennale in the Modern Art Museum in Haifa

1985-1999 For 14 years participates in the Reprint Mini-Biennale in Barcelona, Taler Gallery.

1985-1993 Participates in the Cite Artists exhibition in Paris, in the Cite Gallery

1986 - Graphics Biennale in Sarcelles in France, Ex-Libris Exhibition in Lebon, Belgium

1987 With the framework of the Lithography Workshop of Morlo single show and demonstrated Lithography in the Modern Art Museum, Haifa.

1989 Art Biennale in Walparaiso, Chille, artists illustrate for poets, a wondering exhibition on behalf of the Education Ministry exhibits in the various museums there. “Homage to the Black Line” exhibition in Yanco-Dada Museum in Ein-Hod. “Paper, reprint from the beginning”, Zafed Museum for the printing art, The Zionist Federation House in Jerusalem.
Gambel Gallery, Oslo Norway.
Petite Reprint Museum in Courin, Belgium.
1990 Wilfrid House, Hazorea, a Creative Paper Exhibition,
“Composition”, Ein-Hod

1991 Creative Paper Biennale in Budapest, Hungary.

1994 Paper Artists’ exhibitions in memory of Joyce Schmidt in Beer Sheva (Joyce Schmidt brought the paper know-how to Israel)

1995 “Masks” The Opera House Tel – Aviv
1996 Art Education. The Nation House Jerusalem. Mail Art at the Post in Copenhagen, Denmark

1997 Ex – Alibis, Bologna, Italy.

1998 5 artists from Ein-Hod show in the “Star Gallery” Boston
“Brightness” Kyriat Gat Gallery Internet

1999 Graphics Biennale in Sarcelles.

- “Animata”, Jerusalem Theater
- “Simgallery”, Moshav Magadim: “And tike a tree planted on
a water stream” – 8 paper artists
- “Paper Culture”, exhibition by paper artists at the Tefen
Museum in Omer, near Beer Sheba.
- Regards – Givat Haviva Art Gallery.
- Paper from Ein-Ofek, 10 paper artists exhibit at the Ein-
Ofek Natural Reserve.
-Women Against Violence – Jerusalem Theater
- Graphics Hienale No. 1, Frencavilla-ta-mar, Italy
- Ex Libris, Boston, USA
- Exhibition with Joseph Chaaltiel, at the French Cultural
Center in the name of Gaston Perre
- Simgallery – “A tree of life will grow in our yard”, Hoton
- “As a second string”, Cultural Center, Ashkelon
- “Protecting the Shield” – Simgallery, Moshav Magadim
- "Blossoming Wishes”, “Seeing through the eyes of the river”, the Flour Milt at Ein-Ofek Natural Reserve, curator Ora Lahav-Chaaltiel
- “Following the Philistine Bird”, Ashdod Museum – 9 paper artists
- "Our Answer is Peace”, Bar-Am Museum, Exhibition at the Good Fence
- Hamud-el-Karah Gallery in Daliat el Carmel,
“Coexistence”, Women who Create
- Sandoz Gallery, La Cite, Paris – “Lament”
- Eshkol Gallery sponsored by the Graphotec, curator Noa Tal,
“Paper Trees”, Ramat Gan, Nes Ziona, Kiryat Sefer, Maale Edomim
- Solo exhibit, City Gallery of Afula, curator – Sheila Kashdi
- “Art on the Line”, City Gallery, Haifa The Woman Festival, Jewish-Arab Theater, Jaffa
“The River Mill”, the Flour Mill at Ein-Ofek Natural Reserve, curator Ora Lahav-Chaaltiel
2003 -
Small Format – Musbe du Petit Format, Nismes, Belgium
4 paper artists at the Haifa Municipality, curator Josepha Azrad
Participation at the Print Bienale, Chamelier, France
“Crazy Blossoming”, Ein-Ofek
Art in Gonfrontation, Ein Hod Gallery.


1973- A medal from “Yad Vashem” in Jerusalem for 25 lithographs for “A song about the Jewish People that were killed “, Y. Catzenelson.
1982- Life achievements in art education, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, headed by the Art Commissioner Moshe Tamir.

“The Fund for Educational Enterprises”, one reward with Josef Chaaltiel, one reward alone.
1986- Haifa Municipality Cultural Foundation.
1996 The Israel President fund for poet.
1990-1992 Israel Endowent fund
1996- The Israel President fund for poet.
1997- Schtrouk Reward – Haifa Municipality.

Professor Chaaltiel Joseph

Born in 1931 in lzmir. Studied at the Academy of Arts in Venice, and the Art Academy of Olivier de Sier, Paris, the Oranim Seminary, and University VII in Paris where he received a doctorate in art in 1985.
Professeur D'art Plastique - Beaur Arts 1988-1989.


1975 - Traklin Gallery, Haifa •
1971 -Old Jaffa Gallery •
1979 - Center Rashi, Paris •
1982 -Young Artists Biennale, Marseilles • International Stained Glass Exhibition, Munich • 1984 - contemporary Ceramics, Buenos Aires • International symposium, Ein Hod •
1972 - Isra-Art, Zurich •
1980 – drawing Biennale, Cleveland, UK • 1983-6 Mini-Biennale, Barcelona • 3000 Years of Bible, Paris •
1984 - International Stained Glass Exhibition, Rouen Museum, France •
1985 - Cite, Paris •
1987 - L'independence, Paris; Illustrations for Chilean Poets, Chile •
1989 -Salon II for Stained Glass, France i Grand Palais, Paris • tribute to Black Line, Musee Dada-Janco o Art Biennale, Valparaiso, Chile • 1991 - Biennale, Istanbul.