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About my journey

I am a fabric and jewelry designer inspired by art and nature that surrounds me, Living and creating in Ein Hod artists' village Israel,
Being a third generation of printers, rooted in the Kabbala city of Safed

I print on fabric for many years using a special technique I developed, The jewelry I create inspired by nature and memories from my magical hometown. At the end of 2019, I was exposed to the (botanical print) magical method. I print images of leaves on natural fabrics silk and cotton, Using leaves fruit and tree barks.

Since 1985, I exhibit my art works at "Art & Wear Gallery" founded by Dan and me, located at Ein Hod village center In addition, over the years I have exhibited my work in Paris and United States at various galleries and exhibitions.

Ein Hod nestles on a hill surrounding by an ancient olive grove overlooking the Mediterranean Sea There are about 300 artists living and creating in varies fields of arts.

By appointment, you are welcome to meet me, and enjoy a guided tour of Ein Hod and join me at my studio, experiencing printing your own design

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  Painter Sculpture Photographer Born 1949.
Living and working in Ein-Hod Artists’ Village since 1985