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Dear Sir/Madame/Foundation,

I am writing this letter to you in order to solicit your interest and assistance in publishing a book in memory of the late Ms. Gertrud Kraus, Israeli prize winner in the year, l968.

The draft of the book was written by Ms. Kraus dance students, with a unique perspective of their experience and memories of Ms. Kraus.
These dancers, many awarded for their own work, believe that on the 60th anniversary of Israel, it would be most appropriate to preserve Ms. Kraus's legacy and remember her contribution as an outstanding artist and exceptional teacher of modern dance who trained generations of students, many of whom became professionals themselves, spreading the unique teaching methodology of Ms. Kraus.

 Gertrud Kraus began her dancing career after she graduated as a pianist from the State Academy of the Arts in Vienna.  She won tremendous critical acclaim and began teaching in her own studio in Vienna.  She won international renown and became one of the leading choreographers of the New Expressionistic Dance Movement. 

She was invited to perform her solo program in Eretz  Israel in the early 30's and finally settled in Tel Aviv in l935, opening her own studio and soon founding her company, which performed with the Palestine Orchestra (today's "Philharmonic") and the "Folk Opera" during the 40's.
In l950 she was instrumental in the founding of the first professional dance troupe, the "Israel Ballet Theatre".
When the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem opened its dance department, Gertrud became a teacher of "Batsheva Dance Company", the "Israel Ballet" and the "Kibbutz Dance Company".

In l968 she was awarded the prestigious "Israel Prize" for her life work.

Professor Gertrud Kraus was a member of the Artists' Village, Ein Hod, since l953.  She accepted the invitation of the painter, and one of the forefathers of the Dada movement, Marcel Janco, to join the new artist's village. 
In addition to her main activity as a choreographer, she was creative in the visual arts as well, in sculpture and painting.

In order to preserve the legacy of Ms. Kraus and commemorate her contribution to future generations, the draft of the book was presented to Kavim Publishing House, and they expressed interest in publishing it. 

Your assistance will permit us to complete an educational project that commemorates a unique period in the history of the State of Israel and a special artist that made such an important contribution to the modern dance movement in Israel. 

We would be obliged to you if you would be able to assist us in this endeavor.  Your generous contribution will be properly noted and you will be receiving several copies of the book. 
When the book will be published, an evening will be celebrated at Gertrude Memorial House in Ein Hod with Gertrude students and participants of this production.

The proceeds from the sales of the books will be devoted to finance the activities of the "Yad Gertrud Kraus" in the artist's village, Ein Hod, Israel. 

Your contribution could be transferred directly to the publisher or will be directed to the Israeli Choreographers Organization for a 35% tax contribution exemption.

The cost of publishing the book in two hundred copies is NIS 36,844.
The cost for celebrate an evening at Gertrude Memorial House in Ein Hod is NIS 4,000.

We thank you in advance for your attention and we hope that you will be able to help us materialize this important public project.


Respectfully yours,
Ms. Sima Mazor
Representative of Gertrud Kraus Students.



Among the writers in the book:

Shimon Levy – Dancer and cerograph, performed with Gertrud, one of the founders of "Bat Sheva" Dance Company. Gathered most of the material for this book.

Nissan native - Founder of "The Actors House", an actor, teacher and curator.  "Israeli prize" winner and winner of the "Israeli theater" award.

Yaffa Yarkoni – One of Israel's most appreciated singers. "Israel Prize" award at 1998.

Orna Porat – One of Israel's most known actress. "Israel Prize" winner, three "Kinor David" awards, "Brener" prize, "Meir Margalit" prize and Honorary Doctor Awards from Several Universities in Israel.

Shlomo Bar-Shavit – Actor and winner of the Israeli academy of theater.

Sima Mazor – Dancer and student at Gertrud Ballet, dancer at "Habima", teacher and continuing Gertrud heritage until today.

Oshra Elyakim – Dancer, Chirographer. One of the founders for "Bat Sheva", "Enbal" and the "Kibbuts Dance Company ".

Yehuda Efroni – Cinema and stage actor. "David Tena" Award, "Ashmen" prize and best actor in 1982.

Vera Zilberg – Student and dancer for Gertrud.

Yehudit Arnon – Dancer and the founder of the legendary "Kibbutz Dance Company ". "Israel Prize" winner.

Ziva Rodan – Dancer and actress on stage and in Cinema.

Zvi Gotheiner – Dancer, chirographer and manager of ZviDance Dance Company performing world wide.