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Palestinian Side

Israeli Side
Hand Painted mosaic on wood 150X190cm. 30 Plates, each 30X60 cm.
The Fourth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics, Territory and Identity,
Between Ceramics and Architecture
. Israel Museum Tel-Aviv

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B.A. in History of Art Tel-Aviv University
Tel-Aviv Museum Exhibitions Guide.
Helena Rubinstein Pavillion of Art - Art Workshops.
Mosaic, Vitrage and Art Therapy Studies.
Gestalt and Group Guidance Studies.


February 2002, Ephrat Gallery Tel-Aviv:
Homage to Gestalt
One man exhibition, "The whole is more than the some of its parts" , Mosaic art

Ephrat Gallery, Tel-Aviv:
Permanent display of some of the artist's work

February 2004, Ephrat Gellery, Tel-Aviv:
One man exhibition, "Cookies"

May-June 2004, Ein-Hod Gallery, Artists Village Ein-Hod:
Group exhibition "Chairs"

July- August 2004, Ein-Hod Gallery, Artist Village Ein-Hod:
One man exhibition, "Metamorphosis"

Ein-Hod Gallery, Artist Village Ein-Hod:
Permament display of some of the artist's work.

October -November 2004, Be'er Tzeva Gallery, Be'er Sheva:
Group exhibition," Olive Branch" , Dialog

November 2004, Kastra Art Center, Haifa:
Group Exhibition "Transparent Coloures"

January 2005, Design Gallery, Hankin, Hulon:
One man exhibition, "Fragments of Life"


In the former exhibition there were Mosaic works combined mainly of broken china, glass, decorative elements on a range of materials.
In this exhibition "Cookies", the artist uses variety of mediums: painting, sculpture, relief and mosaic.

The human pattern appears in big and small forms, and in different physical states: broken, incomplete and tied.
Each form is made of clay. In the beginning it is soft, and during the baking process it hardens and gains a new nature, like certain processes that changes and hardens the inner self of people.

The Cookie series is combined of six huge works, each one of them has a cookie shape - wooden cookie contains a lot of small ceramic hand painted cookies, baked in the oven, exactly like home-made cookies.
The central theme is a repeated pattern in different versions, each one of them is unique.

In spite their dealing with difficult themes, such as: illness, fear and death, the works of art are trying to send an optimistic massage trough their colorfulness, and by touching the children's world:
Life Goes On.

Aviva Beigel

Tel/fax :00972-3-6478445

More work by Aviva at

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