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Lighting Shabat Candles

Shabat Israel
26x19 cm.

Shabat Menora
25x22 cm.

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Home Blessing

28x26 cm.

Medieval House
23x19 cm.

Home Blessing
28x28 cm.

Jewish Couple
26x20 cm.

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Ketubah - Jewish Wedding
Aleph - Bet

Writing with ink, Sofer Stam style
( English additional possible)



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Ashrei Haish
 24x20 cm.

28x18 cm.

20x26 cm.

Shabat Shalom
23x24 cm.

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Bat Mitzvah Blessing (personalized)

50x30 cm.

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Small Works

Veahav'ta 2
35x35 cm.

15x15 cm.

I Am My Beloveds
15x15 cm.


38x39 cm.

17 x 25 cm.


Please contact artist for more information or purchasing.

Michal Bergman, an israeli artist and calligrapher.
Born in Israel in 1970 and lives in Modi'in, Israel, with her family.
Holds a bachelor of Jewish art, History of art and Jeneral History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, since 1993.
Michal has been making hand-painted Ketubot and illustrated Hebrew Texts since 1996.
Michal's watercolors draw on the inspiration of many sources - old jewish manuscripts, traditional jewish art, the beauty of Israel and her love of nature.
The beautiful Hebrew alphabet is used both decoratively and for descriptive purposes, usually written with ink in "sofer stam" style.

Among Michal's works you could find:
Blessing for the home, blessing of the candles,
the woman's prayer for her family,
"If I forget thee O Jerusalem",
"I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me"
Woman of valor, Family trees and Bar Mitzva's blessings.

Conact Michal Bergman:


Mobile: 054-5944295
Tel: 077-3377535
Nachal Sorek 38 Modi'in 71700, ISRAE

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