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Dear artist,
You are invited to take part in Guest Artists' Ein Hod Artists' Web site.
An approval of participation is requested by a local committee.

By placing your site with us you will benefit our advertisement, marketing and connection
with international art centers and other world wide communities.
Inquiries from your site, regarding your work, will be direct to you.

"I am in good company on the Ein-Hod website, among artists whose work I respect and love.
My being on the Ein-Hod website impresses my collectors."
Elizabeth Barakah Hodges

Why does an artist need a website?
Comprehensive exposure of the artist, 24/7, world-wide- ultimately resulting in sharp increase in demand for the artist's works.
Direct marketing to art buyers and contact with galleries.
A readily available and updated catalogue, linked to additional sites such as galleries, art sites and colleagues.
The update is fast and simple in comparison with a printed catalogue.
Ability to Immediately and directly locate the artist.

Why is it important that the artist's site be integrated into a commonly visited site?
This is the simplest method to receive the optimal amount of parties of interest. Otherwise the amount of entries will be dependent solely on the artist's ability to market himself/herself. 

Why is it important to display on the Ein Hod Artists website?

  • The site is popular and closely tied with thousands of art centers, galleries and Jewish communities abroad.
  • Advertisement and marketing activities of the website are carried out on a daily basis, including tracking of all entries- from where and how many.
  • The site visitors are in utter majority interested in art. 
  • The artist's village Ein Hod is famous world-wide and is considered a unique location, attracting great interest in the site. 

What does the artist need to do in order to extract the optimal expediency from his website?

  • Typing his site address on his business card and on invitations to exhibitions.
  • Give out the site address during exhibitions, in many cases, the business transaction may be completed in a later period due to the fact that all site visitors may observe the artist's works around the clock.
  • At every meeting or contact with a person that is interested in getting acquainted with the artist's works- the artist should give out the website address.
  • Send an e-mail containing the link to the website to the utmost amount of people: clients from the past, potential clients and galleries. Such correspondence may enable sending of updates regarding new works, exhibitions and all pieces of information relevant to the artist's target population.
  • For those interested- provide consistent and regular updates and messages to the artist's distribution list.


Will my work be sold through the website?
It is very possible to sell works through the site; the extent of sales is dependent on the site exposure amongst the artist's general population, as aforementioned.
The majority of sales will be to clients which have known the artist for a long time, but also to clients which have been first exposed to the site at random.

Please contact:
Dan Ben-Arye artist and Webmaster.
Pob 22 Ein Hod 30890, Israel.

Tel: 972-4-9841126, 972-4-9840021


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