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  Irith Mashiah

"Hora"  Bracelet
Hammered Silver bangle with 4 Aquamarine colored pieces of beach-glass.

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File PhotoSilver "Leaf Necklace"

File Photo Silver " Surprise Bracelet"

File Photo Silver "Double Heart" 

File Photo "Cherry" Bangle
File Photo Sawed Silver Bangle

File Photo Etched Bracelet
File PhotoSilver Broach

File Photo Wedding Ring

File PhotoAncient Roman
Inspired Ring

File Photo "Silver Clouds"

File Photo Silver Chain
"Spring is Here"

File Photo "Pentagon Shaped" 

File Photo "Ivy Necklace"

File Photo Silver "Pink and Smoky" File Photo "Volcanic Glass"

I was born in Jerusalem and have been living in Israel ever since.

I studied Jewelry Design at the External Studies department at the Wizo Academy of Design in Haifa and the Ort Technology Centre in Tel-Aviv and then continued privately with some of the best tutors in Israel.

I design and create jewelry in silver and gold combined with semi- precious stones or precious gems. Many of my items are hammered in the repousse` technique which means that they are hammered on top of a bowl of pitch which gives them a three-dimensional or a sculptural effect. Some of my designs are symmetrical, such as geometrical shapes, hearts, butterflies or leaves, but I also like using asymmetrical shapes.

Lately I have discovered the beauty of ancient glass and colored beach-glass. We all have a tendency to refer to beach-glass as a cheap or unworthy substance. But when I pick up the glass and watch it closely I feel that the sea, wind, salt and time have created an object of beauty. I take this piece of glass and it dictates how it should look in my design and whether it should become a pendant, a bracelet or a Necklace. All the glass items are completely hand-crafted, and are one-of-a- kind jewelry because no two pieces of glass are identical in shape or size.

What I mainly keep in my mind is that jewelry should give women a feeling that they look beautiful and special. Sometimes just a row of pearls can do the job, but on other occasions my jewelry adds a desirable effect.

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Irith Mashiah