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Iris Samra
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איריס סמרה
Paintings by Iris ציורים של איריס
Butoh performence  ריקוד בוטו
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About Iris Samra אודות איריס סמרה
Hanamal St. 60, Haifa Please call for an appointment.
Iris Samra
 רח' הנמל 69, מתחם קמפוס הנמל (מול מכללת תילתן. אנא תאמו את ביקורכם מראש
 איריס סמרה
Video on Buto Dance - וידאו על ריקוד בוטו
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My paintings are the landscape
my feelings.

My journeys throughout the world, Provence, Paris, Amsterdam Spain, Czechoslovakia, the Sinai desert and the landscape I live in now, the Carmel Mountains overlooking the ocean, along with my journey inward are the sources of my inspiration for my paintings.
Nature is my Master and I am its student. Listening and inquiring, listening from the heart and observing. Singing and dancing my gratitude and wonder on the canvas.
In the past my expression was through struggle and now it's through love, really like making love.

I dance Butoh and express myself vocally, singing authentically and intuitively.  I feel the voice, the dance and the painting support each other, Some days I feel my work is inward, peacefully, in solitude, and there are days when I have a strong desire to perform, to sing and dance in front of an audience. To interact with people.
I love nature, I love God and I love the eyes and the hearts of people.
When I paint I am a channel. I paint intuitively and while I paint I am a witness of what is created.
I am in a dialogue with the canvas, with creation and with myself.
At a certain point the painting tells me to stop and than I observe and discover it; like at birth, those first few moments when meeting the newborn; the revelation, falling in love. It is very exciting. At that moment I know the painting is no longer mine; it belongs to the world, singing its song.

Paintings exhibited in The Inner Garden Gallery by Iris Samra

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