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Photo by Dean Ben-Arye

Daniela & Nimrod From "Tiny Fingers" at ArtBar


Art Bar

Home Made Danny's beer is here!! and of course we also serve wine, hot and soft drinks ,as several food plates and Grate Pizza!
ArtBar is open from 10am with children activities

music and painting workshop.
As well as home made beer...and...and...!
We hope to see you

We offer a variety of musical shows and other events in ArtBar
Please call for schedule

Light meals and snacks with Beer

For contact and/or questions :



Please make advance reservations since we are limited on place.

A Letter from a costumer to ArtBar

Wow!It is with great excitement and thirsty anticipation that I share this announcement. Mazal Tov AnaLia & Danny! best wishes for well-deserved success!A personal background note: on a hot summer Shabbat afternoon, Adi and our friends Ben & Steph stumbled into Ein Hod. No sooner had we hit the center of the artists village than we were drawn by a hand-written sign, in English, stating simply "HOME MADE BEER".We followed the arrows down, down,in a Homer Simpson-like trance and proceeded to spend a delightful couple of hours sampling some of the best beer I've ever had. Danny entertained us with amazing stories, not only about beer making, but also about his work as a sound engineer with some of the all-time rock n' roll greats. Drifting into Analia's gallery, we found a wonderland of rich works that stimulated a lively conversation with the artist.And on another note, the idea of having talks and concerts at an Art-Bar... well, that's always been my dream cafe. Looks like there's something on the schedule for everyone (see schedule at end of mail).




Danny's home made beer