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The Authentic Tour of Ein Hod with the artist Dan Ben-Arye

Judith C. Wipfler, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Judith came on Friday 5.March.2011 for a guided tour. Judith is reserching for making a short radio documentary on our amazing village for her Swiss audience. She was especially interested in the Janco-DADA-Museum and meeting local artists, to study if there is presents of Dada today in Ein Hod and if there is a root connection with the Zurich Dada group -Switzerland.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

"Dear Dan and Lea,
Here you may listen to the program I did out of my recordings at Ein Hod in March. The program provoked some reactions in the audience, especially the Calve Story from Nechama. That’s good, I think, that’s what art is for."

Click here for recording

the Zurich Dada group the Zurich Dada group

the Zurich Dada group