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The Authentic Tour of Ein Hod with the artist Dan Ben-Arye

Two Days visit of Young Judaea 27,28.9.12
Initiated by Ofra Baharav Coordinator of Olami and Art Track YJ YC


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Wow, that caught me off guard. First thing I'm eating breakfast and the next thing you know I'm here typing something out on a computer. Maybe it's the eggs, but I can't be too sure. And that's just it. You can never be too sure here in Ein Hod. This place fails words. Unique is a vast understatement. Ein Hod isn't just a place, it's a feeling, it's an experience it's something that takes hold of you and never lets go. And that's what makes it so great here: That feeling. What feeling? I can't quite put it into words. Freedom might be a good word, but it comes nowhere close.  I guess that's what draws so many world class artists here. They're kind and brazen, witty and quite, but above all they're all free here. Within the perimeters of Ein Hod they are free from ridicule free from artistic oppression. Here they are free to fully express themselves however they please. There's this feeling here, and ancient feeling, a feeling of brotherhood between artists and that bond creates something beautiful. This mutual respect for each other and each other's work creates magic, something wonderfully bizarre: Ein Hod.
 Anyways, that's my pre breakfast inspiration. Maybe it's the eggs…
Josh Lampert


In reflection, the idea of putting a community of artists together in the middle of the hills was an effective and downright brilliant idea. In the few hours I've been here, my brain has been bombarded by an overwhelming stream of creativity, forcing me to stop to write another idea down every few paces. In the first three hours I counted more than 100 ideas completely capable of making a story.  It's this kind of genius that makes Ein Hod worth its words. In this time I've been amazed by passionate dances, awed by expressive and thought inspiring sculptures, and embraced by the spirit of creativity.  The arithmetic of their community works. Sometimes two artists working together are as good as three working alone.
David Rosen


We would like to express our gratitude to Ein Hod Artists for their hospitality,
worm welcome and over night accommodation in their residence.
Noa Brosh, Daniela Borchard , Ossi & Eden Rioux, Lilach Peled & David,
Ziva Fishman, Naomi & Zeev Verchovsky, Dan & Lea Ben-Arye

Still photos by Dan & Lea Ben-Arye, video editing by Dan Ben-Arye,
Ein Hod project administrator Lea Ben-Arye

Two Days visit of Young Judaea

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