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The Authentic Tour of Ein Hod with the artist Dan Ben-Arye

Young Judaea Israel יהודה הצעיר ישראל
Two days visit to Ein Hod 22 - 23 September 2011
Initiated by Ofra Zucker, Olami and Arts track Coordinator, Year Course

Participants impressions:

Clementine trees and lemon scents deep rooted in soil
Not fully corrupted by the man made ass fault
We came here so accustomed to;
Is this paradise, yes;
Is this a hippy dream of marmalade skies, yes;
But like Herzl in his hay day of political creation,
This dream is a reality. This just is
As we all are,
And this shall continue to be. Purity,
Not described by the contrast of innocence and sin but by the sheer depiction
Of pure emotion, mind, spirit, and soul.
I always say I wrote this because I was ordered to,
They say WE speak for generation Y, why lie? We do.
As humans we are artists
As artists we are mature
As mature beings we are advancing towards that ever creeping moment of final rest-
So why stop here.
Ein-Hod; where glorified life is spewed
In the purest form of eruption, man made from the mind.

"Entitled" by Seth Hirsch


My experience here is a dream; it's anything any artist could ever want. This town is beautiful, divine, and wondrous. I hope to live in a place one day with as many cultural and free spirited people as this place has.

-Arielle Magner


Each artist is his own, which makes Ein Hod, feel like no other.  It does not feel like Israel, and it does not feel like back home. Yet, it provides a certain feeling we all have felt before, a sense of belonging through an unfamiliar connection to the expression of the sense of art.  It is truly a place all to its own, and it feels great. I do plan to come back, for a weekend or forever, I cannot tell but this feeling I felt is unique and I want to feel again.  My stay has been amazing.

-Max Rudolph


A scrap of crimson silk.  A tormented landscape. A mushroom pizza served with beer and eccentricity. This community exudes creativity. Inspiration can be found in the artistic products conceived within its quarters; in the physical land; in the passion and patriotism of its inhabitants. The beauty here is provocative and personal, going beyond esthetics. It’s a place to absorb, reflect, react, and live the life of a creator.

-Margalit Arin Mazal Cutler



The sweet winds blow in En Hod a place where you can get lost in its culture, its beauty, rich of an artist's dream. Maybe you'll disappear for a day, a week, a few.  Wanting, having, experiencing absolute perfect imperfection. Bring your father for a Danny Beerah homemade. Contact, movement and happiness will capture your heart forever. Even burnt the trees hold character. Talk to them? They'll talk back.

-Abbey Rose

Ein Hod; if you were to think of a place of absolute freedom and true expression.  The first place I will think of is Ein Hod.  It's a kingdom of artistry heaven, and a haven for art.  Every step in Ein Hod is a beautiful and every breath wonderfully free.   The community is amazing and so welcoming and accepting to any new comer.

-Niv Shachaf

We would like to express our gratitude to Ein Hod Artists for their hospitality, worm welcome and over night accommodation in their residence.
Sumi, Shir, Nobuya Yamaguchy - Rachie, Roy, Lia Wollfish - Noa Brosh - Sue, Bob Nechin, Daniela Borchard
& Ivana Ratner, Bat-El, Hedi Shmueli, Omer Goldberg, Ossi & Eden.

Still photos by Dean Ben-Arye, video by Dan Ben-Arye, Ein Hod project administrator Lea Ben-Arye